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Baseball Simulator 1.000

Baseball Simulator 1.000
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Baseball Simulator 1.000

Baseball simulator 1.000 (超人ウルトラベースボール, Chopin extremely baseball) is a baseball (generic term) launched at the nes. it turned into released in 1989 in japan, 1990 in north america.

Baseball simulator 1.000 is a 1991 traditional baseball simulation online game with the aid of way of life mind for the splendid nes that is the sequel to the nes sport baseball simulator 1.000. this sport is known as top notch extremely baseball (スーパーウルトラベースボール) in japan.

In the sport, there are 3 leagues: Atlantic, northern, and ultra. each league has six teams. inside the ultra league, pitchers and batters have unique electricity-united states of america that increase their skills which gives the game a surrealistic feel this is uncommon inside the sports activities genre. players can even create their personal baseball groups and assign unique actions to the gamer that they call themselves. the sport may be played in exhibition mode and season mode.


In the game, there are 4 leagues available. the primary two include best normal groups, the third carries simplest extremely groups, and the fourth lets in a player to create their own league from any mixture of regular and extremely teams. a participant can either manipulate a regular baseball team or an ultra baseball team with high-quality hitting and pitching plays to boost their chances of prevailing.

Every extremely play makes use of a positive quantity of factors. ultra factors are confined and whilst they are all used up no greater extremely plays can be done. there are also a few ultra enhancements, for outfielders and batters. those cost greater points to assign, however become intrinsic results, and do now not value factors to apply.

Inside baseball simulator 1.000, there’s an exhibition mode, a regular season mode, and a crew edit mode that lets in the player to make his own gamer to form a customized baseball team.

A magic variety seems at some point of the everyday season, telling the leading team how many victories they must make till they are assured the pennant.

Baseball Simulator 1.000

A season may be five, 30, 60, 120, or 165 video games. out of the 18 possible groups, most effective six groups may be used in a department/league at some stage in the season. but, there are not any playoffs for the pinnacle teams. whoever wins the division is the champion.

Baseball Simulator series

These baseball titles blanketed a few form of “tremendous league” wherein pitchers and batters could have special skills.

baseball simulator 1.000 (1989, nes), also known as Chopin ultra baseball
exceptional baseball simulator 1.000 (1991, amazing nes), also known as awesome ultra baseball
extremely baseball jitsumeiban (1992, tines) nob licensed.
first rate ultra baseball 2 (1994, tines)
ultra baseball jitsumeiban 2 (1994, tines) nob licensed.
ultra baseball jitsumeiban 3 (1995, tines) nob certified.


Chopin ultra baseball action card battle (2014, 3ds) card-primarily based recreation


Digital gaming month-to-month offered it “satisfactory sports activities-themed video game” in their 1989 awards issue, giving it “pinnacle honors … [for] taking liberty with the game itself.”[2] listed it as one of the “hidden gemstones” of the nes, calling it one of the excellent baseball games for the machine.


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Baseball Simulator 1.000


Specific pitching, bulls-eye batting, and far-out fielding! it is all beneath your control with easy but state-of-the-art operation. at closing, the definitive baseball movement sport. with masses of functions, it is the remaining baseball simulation you’ve waited for. play ball with your favored main league stars, heroes from the beyond, fantasy leagues – even input yourself because the famous person! input team and participant names and all the critical stats for your very personal group. play a full length season with six groups for 5, 30, 60, or even a hundred sixty five games. follow the groups and players via the season – reveal their stats, even get top 10 ratings in batting and pitching. upload an entire new measurement of a laugh to baseball with the wacky extremely plays. throw pitches that disappear or accelerate in mid-air. combat again with hits that explode or knock out the fielders. and seize them by means of leaping loads of ft in the air. with the six groups of the extremely league, you’ll play baseball like it is by no means been performed before!


Extremely good baseball simulator 1.000 is a baseball (generic term) released for the brilliant Nintendo in 1991. in addition to containing the typical options of season play and exhibition play, it also includes an edit-a-team mode and ultra leagues. in edit mode the player can name their team, choose the uniform coloration, name each character, assign their stats, as well as select from a huge kind of first rate powers each participant may additionally wield. further to the ultra league, there are two leagues of widespread baseball groups.

Ultra powers

When the usage of an extremely league crew (or if the player created their own), every participant has get entry to to an extremely energy (or in the case of pitchers, between and 4 ultra powers). every energy costs a sure wide variety of ultra points to use, among 1 and nine, and provides an additional little bit of oomph with which to wallop the warring parties. the number of ultra factors to be had is about earlier than the game starts off evolved, and the player may select to have limitless factors.

Baseball Simulator 1.000


Hearth ball – the ball bursts into flame, inflicting it to move quicker and be barely more difficult to hit.
Stopper ball – the player might also quickly freeze the ball in mid-air for a few seconds.
Phantom ball – the ball becomes invisible halfway to the plate.
Snake ball – the ball travels in a zig-zag pattern.
Ninja ball – numerous balls are thrown out in a clump sample but handiest one is actual.
Spark ball – the ball is covered with lightning, inflicting it to go faster and be barely more difficult to hit.
Iron ball – the extremely heavy ball has a danger to interrupt the batter’s bat.
Speeder ball – the ball goes extremely quicker than everyday.
Photon ball – the ball goes surprisingly rapid.
Zigzag ball – the ball may be prompt left or right with the aid of the participant.
Spiral ball – the ball rotates in a spiral as it flies.
Jumper ball – the ball may be all of sudden shifted over a couple ft by means of the participant.
Tremor ball – reasons the display screen to shake.
Alternate-up – the participant can trade the ball’s velocity to be quicker or slower in mid-flight. floater Ball – the ball turns into a leaf that floats to the plate.
Multi-ball – 3 pitchers stand on the plate but best one throws a real ball.
Fade out – the pitcher turns into invisible earlier than the ball is thrown.
Warp ball – the ball may be made to skip over a part of the gap between the pitcher and the batter by Way of the participant.
Lotta ball – three balls are thrown by way of the pitcher but handiest one is actual
? ball – the ball behaves unpredictably.
Hyper hit – the ball is hit a whole lot tougher than in any other case feasible.
Missile hit – an unstoppable missile so as to slam everyone into the back wall if they are trying to trap it.
Tremor hit – reasons the screen to shake.
Bomb hit – creates a bomb that explodes when it touches the floor.
Shadow less – the ball doesn’t have a shadow.
Invisibly – the ball is invisible.
Meteor hit – turns the ball into a meteor until it hits the ground and will flatten anybody who attempts to seize it.
Squirrel hit – reasons the ball to zig-zag down the sector.
Spinner hit – reasons the whole display screen to spin.
Leaf hit – turns the ball right into a leaf that floats in a zig-zag pattern to the ground
Shadow hit – creates multiples shadows to confuse the fielders.
Hyper-run – makes the batter run extremely speedy to first base.
Freak hit – the ball bounces in a peculiar, unpredictable manner
Dizzy ball – reverses the opponent’s sport controls.
Orbit hit – the ball orbits around an invisible middle as it flies.
The fielders do not have particular powers particular to each player because the pitcher and batter do. alternatively, each ultra fielder may additionally execute a flow this is an overpowered extension of a normal fielding activity, including rocket soar, extremely good slide, brilliant seize, and hyper throw.

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