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Frogger is a 1981 arcade recreation developed with the aid of konami. it changed into licensed for north american distribution by sage-gremlin and international with the aid of sage itself. it’s miles regarded as a conventional from the golden age of video arcade games, referred to for its novel game play and subject. the object of the sport is to direct frogs to their homes one at a time through crossing a busy avenue and navigating a river full of risks.

Frogger changed into undoubtedly obtained and accompanied by way of numerous clones and sequels. by 2005, frogger in its various home video game incarnations had sold 20 million copies international, such as 5 million within the united states of america. the game determined its manner into popular subculture, which include television and track.


The goal of the game is to manual a frog to every of the empty “frog homes” at the pinnacle of the display screen. the game begins with 3, five, or seven frogs, depending on the settings utilized by the operator. losing them all ends the sport. the most effective player manipulate is the four course joystick used to navigate the frog; every push in a course causes the frog to hop once in that direction. frogger is both single-participant or two players alternating.

The frog starts at the lowest of the display screen, which incorporates a horizontal road occupied by using cars, vans, and bulldozers speeding alongside it. the player must manual the frog among opposing lanes of site visitors to keep away from becoming roadkill, which results in a loss of a life. after the street, there may be a median strip keeping apart the 2 important parts of the display screen. the higher portion of the display consists of a river with logs, alligators, and turtles, all shifting horizontally across the display. by using jumping on hastily transferring logs and the backs of turtles and alligators the player can manual their frog to safety. the player need to avoid snakes, otters, and the open mouths of alligators. a brightly colored girl frog is every now and then on a log and can be carried for bonus points. the very top of the display incorporates five “frog homes,” that are the destinations for each frog. these on occasion comprise insects (excellent) or lurking alligators (awful).


The sport’s establishing track is the primary verse of a eastern kid’s song referred to as uni no Irishwoman (the dog policeman). different eastern tunes which might be performed all through game play encompass the themes to the anime Shana no KO Luna and arraign rascal. the USA release stored the outlet track intact and introduced “Yankee doodle.”

Softline in 1982 said that “frogger has earned the ominous difference of being ‘the arcade game with the maximum ways to die.'” there are many one-of-a-kind approaches to lose a lifestyles (illustrated via a skull and crossbones symbol wherein the frog turned into), consisting of: being hit by means of or running right into a street automobile, leaping into the river’s water, going for walks into snakes, otters or an alligator’s jaws inside the river, jumping into a domestic invaded through an alligator, staying on top of a diving turtle until it has completely submerged, riding a log, alligator, or turtle off the aspect of the screen, jumping into a home already occupied by way of a frog, jumping into the side of a domestic or the bush, or walking out of time.

Whilst all five frogs are in their homes, the sport progresses to the next degree with accelerated issue. after 5 tiers, the sport gets in brief easier earlier than another time getting gradually more difficult after each level. the participant has 30 seconds to guide every frog into one of the houses; this timer resets whenever a existence is lost or a frog reaches domestic correctly.


Every ahead step rankings 10 points, and each frog arriving properly domestic scores 50 factors. 10 factors also are awarded consistent with each unused ​1⁄2 2nd of time. guiding a woman frog domestic or ingesting a fly ratings 200 factors each, and whilst all 5 frogs attain home to stop the level the participant earns 1,000 factors. a unmarried bonus frog is 20,000 points. ninety nine,990 points is the maximum high score that can be executed on an original arcade cupboard; gamer may exceed this score, however the game best continues the closing five digits.


Frogger become ported to many present day domestic systems. several systems have been capable of accepting each ROM cartridges and magnetic media, so systems consisting of the commodore 64 acquired multiple variations of the game.
sierra on-line gained the magnetic media rights and sub licensed them to developers who posted for systems no longer generally supported through sierra; corn soft published the reputable trs-eighty/dragon 32, Timex Sinclair 1000, and Timex Sinclair 2068 ports. due to that, even the Atari 2600 received multiple releases: a cartridge and a cassette for the supercharger. sierra released disk and/or tape ports for the c64, apple ii, the authentic 128k Macintosh, IBM computer, Atari 2600 supercharger, as well as cartridge variations for the trs-80 colour computer

Parker brothers received the license from sage for cartridge variations and produced cartridge ports of frogger for the Atari 2600, television, Atari 5200, collision, Atari 8-bit own family, ti-ninety nine/4a, vic-20, and commodore 64. Parker brothers spent $10 million on advertising and marketing frogger and offered three million cartridges. it was the enterprise’s most a success first-yr product, beating the income and sales of its previous first-class-vendor, Merlin.

Cole additionally launched stand-by myself mini-arcade tabletop variations of frogger, which, along side percent-guy, Galatians, and donkey gonk, sold 3 million devices mixed.

Frogger became also ported to the 1983 awaken compact vision television boy as one of the 6 launch titles.



Ed scoliosis reviewed the Atari vs model of frogger within the space gamer no. 58. scoliosis commented that, “all in all, if you preferred the arcade model, this ought to prevent loads of quarters. the rate is in keeping with most cartridges. it also proves that Atari isn’t always the best one making domestic variations of the important arcade games for the vs.”

Danny Goodman of innovative computing video & arcade video games wrote in 1983 that the Atari 2600 version of frogger, “is one of the most detailed translations I’ve visible”, noting the addition of the wraparound display.

in 2013, amusement weekly named frogger one of the pinnacle ten video games for the Atari 2600


Hasbro interactive released a massively accelerated remake of the original for Microsoft windows and the PS in 1997. unlike the unique, the sport consisted of more than one levels, each one of a kind than the previous one. it turned into a business achievement, with the laptop model on my own promoting nearly a million devices in less than four months.[13] in 1998, Hasbro launched a chain of ports of the original recreation for the sage genesis, superb nes, game com, game boy, and game boy color. each port featured the sport with distinct photographs, with the sage genesis port featuring the equal images of the authentic arcade sport. the sega genesis and sens variations are first rate for being the closing video games launched for the ones consoles in north america.[citation needed] no matter the usage of the equal container artwork of the 1997 remake, the ports are in any other case unrelated to the 1997 game.

In 2005, info space teamed up with konami virtual leisure to create the cell sport frogger for prizes,[14] in which players throughout the u.s. competed in multiplayer tournaments to win daily and weekly prizes. in 2006, the mobile recreation model of frogger grossed over $10 million in the usa.[15] a java port of the sport is to be had for compatible mobile phones.

A port of frogger changed into released at the Xbox stay arcade for the Xbox 360 on July 12, 2006. it changed into advanced with the aid of virtual eclipse and posted by konami. it has new game play modes: versus pace mode and co-op play. some of the song, which includes the familiar frogger subject matter, become eliminated from this version and replaced with different song. this model become blanketed in the compilation konami classics vol. 1.


Unofficial clones include rabbit for the apple ii (1981), cornstarch’s hopper (1983) for the BBC micro and acorn electron, a&f software’s frogger (1983) for BBC micro and xx spectrum, piss’s (non-public software services) hopper for the orc 1 in the UK (1983) and a later launch for the orc atoms, groggy for the xx spectrum launched by dbl software (1984), solo software’s frogger for the pointy m-700 (1984) within the united kingdom, and a version for the new brain below the name soar frog.

Several clones retained the primary game play of frogger even as converting the fashion and/or plot. pacific coast dual carriageway (1982), for the Atari 8-bit circle of relatives, splits the game play into alternating monitors: one for the highway, one for the water.[19] preppies! (1982), for the Atari 8-bit circle of relatives, adjustments the frog to a preppy retrieving golf balls at a country club. frostbite (1983), for the Atari 2600, makes use of the frogger river game play with an arctic subject. cross road (2014), for ios, android and home windows phone, has a randomly generated series of avenue and river sections. the game is one endless stage, with best one life and a single factor given for every forward hop.

The Atari 2600 recreation parkway is regularly taken into consideration a similar to frogger, but every recreation become evolved independently of the alternative,[citation needed] and both have been released in 1981.

In 2008, the town of Melbourne created a spin-off referred to as groggier as a part of a public provider marketing campaign to inspire human beings to take safe transportation home after a night of consuming.

In popular way of life

Frogger is tied to american famous culture and can be located in film, TV, song, and greater. in 1983, frogger made its lively TV debut as a phase on CBS’ Saturday supersede caricature lineup. frogger was voiced by means of bob Scarlatti and labored as an investigative reporter. the segment aired for one season.[citation needed] in 1998, the game changed into featured in the Seinfeld episode “the frogger”.[21] Jerry and George visit a quickly-to-be-closed pizzeria they frequented as teens and find out the frogger system still in place, with George’s decade-vintage high rating nonetheless recorded. he buys the gadget and attempts to get it across the road without letting it lose energy, which could erase the excessive score together with his initials “glace”. in the season 4 episode of George Lopez, “friends do not allow buddies marry drunks”, George says to his son max “play the only wherein the frog tries to cross the road”, an obvious reference to frogger.[citation needed] frogger also appears within the films destroy-it Ralph[22], pixels[23] and Ralph breaks the internet.

Tune wherein frogger is referenced also can be discovered. in 1982, Buckner & Garcia recorded a music known as “frog’s lament” the usage of sound consequences from the game and launched it on the album p.c-man fever.[citation needed] punk band horrific religion recorded a track referred to as “frogger” approximately the visitors in loci Angeles. inside the track, which incorporates a sample of the sport’s subject tune at the start, front man Greg griffin claims to be “gambling frogger with my existence”, due to the site visitors. the song turned into covered on the band’s 1985 ep lower back to the recognized and 2004 remaster of their debut album how ought to hell be any worse?.[citation needed] the United Kingdom woman organization, subjugates, sampled the coin-insert tone of a frogger game in their 2002 hit unmarried “freak like me”.[citation needed]

In addition to film, television, and track, frogger may be discovered in famous way of life in different mediums as properly. in 2006, a collection in Austin, taxes used a changed rumba dressed as frogger to play a real-lifestyles model of the sport.[24] in the realm of science, frogger is the call given to a transposition (“jumping gene”) circle of relatives within the fruit fly philosophical galvanometer.


On November 26, 1999, Rickey’s global well-known sauce offered $10,000 to the primary individual who should score one million factors on frogger or $1,000 for a new international record previous to January 1, 2000. on march 25, 2005, Robert mruczek offered $1,000 for beating the fictional global file of 860,630 as set by George co stanza in the well-known episode of Seinfeld or $250 for a new world file via the stop of that yr. on December 1, 2006, john Cunningham offered $250 for exceeding the identical fictitious international record of 860,630 factors by February 28, 2007. no person became ever capable of attain any of the bounties, and those rankings have been handed only after the bounties had all expired.

The primary rating to had been confirmed as having overwhelmed the fictitious George co stanza Seinfeld rating of 860,630 factors become set by means of pat Lafayette on December 22, 2009 with 896,980 factors.[31] this become exceeded by means of Michael smith of Springfield, Virginia, u.s.a. with a rating of 970,440 factors on July 15, 2012.[32] the modern-day frogger international record holder is pat Lafayette of west port, Connecticut, u.s.a.. on august 15, 2017, he scored 1,029,990 points, turning into the first and best character ever to break one million points on an unique arcade machine.


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