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Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble
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Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble: is a skateboarding themed action/journey sport for the Nintendo enjoyment machine, advanced and published with the aid of digital arts, who additionally developed the first recreation, which turned into ported through Izanami’s extremely games subsidiary. it’s far widely known for effectively the use of digitized vocals and electric powered guitar in the commencing theme (composed, along side the rest of the sport’s song, via rob Hubbard), rarely visible on the nes. a 2012 three-part video interview on black metal found out that the skater at the field artwork become young ref whitehead, the only member of leviathan.


The hero: The unnamed hero of the journey is a male skateboarder. on the start of the sport, the player is armed with a paintball gun and a handful of weapons to throw at his enemies.

Cj: The hero’s lady friend.

Rodney: One of the characters from the original skate or die! he sells the player new and better skateboards.

Lester: Rodney’s son, he’s going to educate the player new hints in change for some of the chocolates you pick out up along the way (and if you can catch him).

Ice pick: A thug who is the primary villain of the sport.

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble


Skate or die 2 is a facet scrolling game, though the participant can retrace his steps and return to areas he has seen before. the hero has a diffusion of skateboarding actions and guns at his disposal, the controls for which may be programmed by means of the participant. the hero’s number one weapon is his paintball gun, though he can also throw eggs and firecrackers at his fighters. the sport additionally has a bartering machine. at some point of the adventure the hero can choose up cs, cassette tapes, french fries, and tacos. these objects can be traded with Rodney and Lester for brand spanking new hints and skateboards.

There also are a total of 5 skateboards in the game. the only the player starts with is slow and does not soar very high, however by using assembly up with Rodney the hero can accumulate two gradually quicker and higher-leaping skateboards, with every one changing the hero’s cutting-edge board. later in the game Rodney can sell the player two boards that don’t replace his cutting-edge board. one is fast however has bad jumping abilities, the other jumps excessive however is sluggish. but, if the player does not gather the boards on the first degree, then Rodney will no longer appear inside the 1/3 (this held actual with Lester, as nicely. the participant might have to buy the 3 moves he provided in degree one for him to seem in stage 3).

Instead of make the player have to finish the story part of the game as a way to unencumbered the double problem half pipe, the sport gives the participant the option to pass the story and play the ramp as a standalone portion of the sport with the aid of urgent “choose”. the option is displayed on the identify display screen as well as defined inside the instruction manual.


The game opens with a cut scene that places the tale in a fictional metropolis called Elwood. at the same time as out for a skateboard journey, the unnamed hero is distracted by ice pick. this reasons the hero to run over the mayor’s wife’s poodle. in retaliation, she has her husband ban skateboarding. somehow, the answer to that is to meet the mayor’s spouse in a warehouse and assault her with a paintball gun.

Degree one takes location at the streets of Elwood. the player can meet up with Rodney and Lester to gather new hints and two new skateboards. he can also blast different skates to choose up chocolates, paintball clips, and throwing guns. the degree ends when the player reveals and defeats the mayor’s wife in a showdown.

The second one cut scene suggests the aftermath of the showdown. the hero heads to the neighborhood half of-pipe handiest to find it being demolished. he’s confronted by means of a production employee, who informs the hero that for the reason that half-pipe was built with out a permit, it ought to be torn down. whilst the hero asks what they (the city’s skaters) are alleged to do, the construction worker gruffly replies he need to get a process so he can purchase a constructing allow…”or soak up knitting.”

Stage takes region in a shopping center. the hero has taken a task as a delivery boy to earn money for the brand new 1/2-pipe. the player has a set quantity of time to make every transport in the two ground mall. if the hero makes his transport on time, he gets a tip (greater weapons or sweets). similarly to the opposite skaters, the hero has to deal with gradual moving consumers wearing stacks of containers and a security guard.

After completing his deliveries and getting paid, the hero visits Rodney, who is completing the blueprints for the brand new half-pipe. in an unlucky coincidence, the hero activates a fan as opposed to the lights. the blueprints fly out the window and are scattered over the seashore.

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble

This starts off evolved stage 3. the hero have to acquire all of the pages of the blueprint before they blow off the seaside. even as making his manner beyond roller skaters, crabs, seagulls, and posing frame builders the hero can join up with Lester and Rodney again to preserve mastering new tricks and buy new boards.

As soon as all of the pages of the blueprint are recovered, ch heads off the city corridor with the money the hero earned in stage two. destiny over again conspires towards our hero. after buying the constructing permit cj is abducted by ice pick and his gang.

Degree four takes vicinity inside the deserted warehouse ice pick and his gang name home. not like the alternative levels, the warehouse is a four ground maze of rooms rather than one long display screen the participant can pass from side to side on. after finding the constructing allow, the hero makes his manner to the rooftop where he defeats his nemesis.

With cj rescued and the constructing allow observed, the hero and his pals are able to build their new half-pipe, double problem. the game ends with the player being able to use the ramp.

Double Trouble

Double hassle is a large 1/2-pipe with a smaller backbone ramp inside the center. in contrast to the 1/2-pipe within the first skate or die! game, double problem is two screens in place of one. the participant has three mins to perform his tricks. if he wipes out 3 instances the sport is over (although there is a code a player can enter to achieve unlimited boards). have to the player cross on a scoring streak cj appears in a window of a residence in the background, doubling the range of factors the player receives with every trick for a brief amount of time.

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble

As soon as the run is finished, the player sprite would then react to the excellent of his run, based upon what number of factors the participant got in the course of the run. the sprite had a number of reactions for every factor general range. the worst viable response changed into the man slamming the board on his head (thereby shattering the board into pieces) before pronouncing “no way, dude!” the fine response (received after exceeding 30,000 factors in a run) will be the sprite doing a balancing act of the board on his finger at the same time as yelling “manner cool, dude!”

Sport description

Skate or die 2 The look for double trouble is an internet nes game that you can play at emulator on line. this loose Nintendo sport is the USA of the us area model for the us. skate or die 2 – the look for double hassle is a unmarried title from the many journey games, arcade games and sports video games offered for this console. if you loved gambling this, then you may find comparable video games in the nes video games class. skate or die 2 – the search for double hassle recreation is from the numerous unfashionable video games at the website, and there are more games like this, along with tony hawk’s seasoned skater 2, excellent Mario global and wherein inside the world is Carmen sandiness.


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