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Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy

Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy
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Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy

Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy: Is a skateboarding online game developed by using z-axis and released in 1999 for the nosy play station. a sport boy coloration model became also developed, however became later cancelled.

In spite of having much less popularity, it acquired excessive scores from both ign and game spot, being seen as “technically superior to tony hawk”and an “almost sim-like method to the sport”. aside from less advanced pix, this changed into one of the motives thrasher was neglected, because the mastering curve (due to unconventional controls) is fairly steep as compared to the ‘pick out up and play’ fashion of the tony hawk video games.

The goal of the sport is to take one of the six fictional skaters and paintings via a complete of 12 levels across the globe, gaining sponsors, decks and garb, and in the end appearing on the front of thrasher magazine – from which the sport takes its name.


Reviewers mentioned the extra sensible style and distinctive control layout, as compared to tony hawk, which delivered to the general issue of the sport. because it’s far extra of a simulation of skateboarding as an entire, the focus of the sport is mostly on technical tricks and to carry out tricks correctly, a system that the future skateboarding skate series of video video games could build on, whereas the tony hawk collection, even from its outset, had a focal point on arcade style game play and is rather extra forgiving.

Like the other z-axis advanced sports activities titles, the sport functions rag doll physics. consistent with the practical nature of the game, players can smash their skateboard or even bones if they crash hard sufficient (specially if the participant does so into moving automobiles). breaking their skateboard will suggest the participant has to restart their run and will lose their score, so it is of their high-quality interest to apply the ‘bail’ button mixture (l2 + r2), in addition to the ‘tuck’ button (circle/o), even as within the air to reduce the damage.

Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy


Skate Mode

This is the primary game play mode, wherein the participant advances via 12 one-of-a-kind levels in a series of -minute runs. whilst the player enters a level, there is no time restrict so they may be unfastened to discover the complete region earlier than starting their run with the select button. the participant then has two mins to get the excessive score necessary to complete the level with out breaking their board, or being arrested via the police officer; this takes place while the time restrict reaches ten seconds. the participant is visible from in the back of, with a policeman’s arm prolonged out prepared to seize the skater, who then must then go away the level through one of the precise exit doors. if the skater is caught, then their score is annulled and the run should be done again.

Within the competition tiers (final level of every region), the player’s goal is also to advantage rating, besides this time they’re being judged on “excessive trouble, hazard and style”. repeating the equal hints in the same regions devalues their point rating, so the player have to use a large choice of different tricks and gadgets inside the level, in addition to warding off bails (once in a while nearly absolutely) to progress.

At positive points in the sport, the player is also provided selections of sponsors. three are to be had at once, however simplest one may be selected, which then gives the participant new decks, shirts, pants and shoes to outfit their skater with.

As soon as the participant has finished the game at the professional putting, they are categorized as a ‘seasoned skater’. but, to completely entire the sport and to characteristic on the duvet of thrasher mag, the player must go again through the levels and yet again complete them. at the stop of the runs, the participant is capable of take a photograph of any hints done in that run to characteristic on the quilt. completing all of this lets the player characteristic in the ‘skater of the 12 months’ difficulty of the magazine, which marks the stop of the sport.

Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy

Multiplayer Mode

There are 7 total multiplayer recreation types available for two gamer. within the equal manner as Dave Mira freestyle bx, the players do not skate simultaneously, as an alternative they take turns. the sport types are same to Dave Mira, just renamed. every game takes place on a one of a kind level associated with the particular assignment. the sport sorts are follows:

Sessions: every participant has a -minute run to beat the opposite participant’s score.

Nickel bag: players take turns doing single hints. the highest scoring unmarried trick wins.

H.o.r.s.e.: one player does a trick, then the other ought to fit it. if they do no longer, they are assigned one of the letters of ‘horse’. the primary participant to get all the letters, spelling out the complete word, loses.
Pinnacle canine: every player takes turns doing unique tricks at 5 one-of-a-kind spots. the best total factor score wins.
Unwell repair: taking advantage of the rag doll physics, the players take turns inflicting the most harm to the player by means of crashing into specific items within the degree. the very best score wins.
Long grind: longest grind inside the stage wins.

Huge wall ride: the very best wall ride within the stage wins.

Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy


There are six fictional characters to choose from in thrasher. gamer can rename and re-clothe (whilst new clothes are unlocked) any skater in that case desired. each player has one-of-a-kind information, that means that a few tricks may be completed extra without problems. also, every man or woman additionally has a unique move that is carried out with a particular aggregate.


All of the songs on the sport are from the hip hop style, and represent a definitive choice of ‘classic’ hip hop from the overdue Nineteen Eighties and early Nineties (many are from “the golden age of hip hop”). there may be even a two-page section in the game guide dedicated to the records of hip hop. whilst skating, songs may be selected at a time – one for free skate, and one for the timed run.


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