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Time Pilot
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Time Pilot

Time pilot: is a multi-directional scrolling shooter arcade sport designed by means of dashiki Minamoto and launched via konami in 1982. it turned into disbursed in the u.s. by means of century. it is a time travel themed aerial fight recreation that lets in the player’s aircraft to fly across outdoors area that scrolls indefinitely in all guidelines.domestic ports for the Atari 2600, max, and collision have been launched in 1983.

A sequel, time pilot ’84, become launched in arcades in 1984. it has a pinnacle down view rather than a aspect view, allows the participant to shoot guided missiles, and takes vicinity over a technology fiction-themed landscape.


The player assumes the role of a pilot of a futuristic fighter jet, looking to rescue fellow pilots trapped in exclusive time eras. in every stage the participant have to fight off hordes of enemy craft then defeat a far more potent enemy ship. the participant’s aircraft continually stays inside the middle of the screen.

The participant travels through 5 time duration, rescuing stranded fellow pilots. the player need to fight off droves of enemy craft while picking up parachuting pleasant pilots. once 56 enemy craft are defeated, to start with 25 at the max platform and growing by using 5 after each sport cycle (finishing the closing war against the UFOs), the participant should defeat the mother ship for the time period. as soon as she is destroyed, any remaining enemy craft are also eliminated and the player time-travels to the next degree. the first three tiers (1910, 1940, 1970) have a varying shade of blue sky and clouds because the historical past. the fourth level (1982) capabilities a crimson sky, and the final stage which has area and asteroids as an alternative capabilities a black heritage. the particular eras visited, the common enemies, and the mother ships are the subsequent:

Time Pilot


1. 1910: biplanes and a blimp
2. 1940: WWII monoplanes and a b-25
3. 1970: helicopters and a massive, blue ch-46
4. 1982 (konami model)/1983 (century version): jets and a b-fifty two
5. 2001: UFOs

The mother ship is destroyed with seven direct hits. once all the eras have been visited, the tiers start all over again but are harder and quicker. the sport boy advance version of time pilot in konami arcade classics includes a hidden 6th era, 1,000,000 bc, where the player must spoil vicious pterodactyls which will return to the early 20th century.

More lives are normally given at 10,000, and according to 50,000 scored thereafter.

Levels and enemies

Inside the first four degrees, the not unusual enemies and mother-ships can hearth yellow bullets; these are similar to the white bullets fired with the aid of the participant, except that they journey as a substitute slowly.

Inside the 1910 degree, the biplanes can hearth bombs in addition to the yellow bullets. the bombs, which resemble tin cans, are first of all fired upward however accelerate downward, shifting quicker as they fall to the lowest of the display screen. their paths simulate gravity, following the parabolic trajectory of a thrown item, notwithstanding the fact that the participant can fly downward indefinitely and never reach the “ground”. that is the simplest time while “gravity” is gift.

The 1940 planes are slimmer than the biplanes and blend in with the heritage, making them more difficult to goal. this degree also functions crimson-and-yellow supply planes that fly horizontally across the display and require more than one hits to damage. they cannot fire at the player and pose no chance as long as the participant does no longer crash into them.

The helicopters of 1970 are smaller than the airplanes. they fireplace bullets in addition to homing missiles. the missiles tour quicker than the player however can’t make sharp turns. the player can ruin missiles by means of shooting them and keep away from them with the aid of turning sharply.

Time Pilot

The jets in 1982 resemble the player’s personal craft. they’re more competitive, making it less difficult for the player to collide with them. they fireplace extra homing misses than do the helicopters, which means that there’ll generally be extra missiles at the display screen at any given time in 1982 than there had been in 1970.

In 2001, the motion shifts to outer space, wherein the enemies are unidentified flying object. those saucers fire speedy-touring circular bullets that mix in with the background. the asteroids on display will not hurt the player but will serve to camouflage the enemies and their missiles. the saucers’ bullets and missiles can all be shot and destroyed.

In every stage, a parachuting pilot will every now and then appear. amassing (“rescuing”) this pilot will initially award a thousand points, after which growth by way of a thousand factors for every consecutive rescue, as much as a most of 5000. the award is reset to one thousand factors upon losing a existence or advancing a stage.

Enemy “formations” appear in each degree. these formations are heralded by a series of short tones, and 2000 points are offered if the complete formation is destroyed inside approximately three seconds.


In step with his account, dashiki Minamoto’s inspiration for time pilot was first of all rejected with the aid of his boss at konami, who assigned Minamoto to paintings on a using sport as a substitute. okamoto secretly gave instructions to his programmer to work on his concept, while pretending to be working on a using recreation in front of his boss. when time pilot changed into a success, okamoto’s boss claimed credit for okamoto’s concept.


  • PS as part of the konami arcade classics compilation in 1999.
  • Sport boy increase as part of the konami collector’s series: arcade advanced compilation on march 18, 2002.
  • Xbox 360 as part of Xbox stay arcade on august 30, 2006.
  • Nintendo dd as a part of konami classics series: arcade hits.
  • Released for i-mode cellular phones in japan in 2004.
  • A special version named time pilot ‘ninety five also seems in the awesome famicom game gangrene mongoose Kiribati douche: Roku GA dancer nigh natty wake (of the gangrene mongoose series), and can be unlocked whilst the main game is absolutely cleared.
  • A model of the sport for Xbox live arcade by means of digital eclipse functions non-obligatory updated snap shots, despite the fact that the sport performs identically (it is a port of the authentic).
  • The emulated model changed into re-launched in 2005 for PS 2 in japan as a part of the Hitachi grease Roku soon-series.
  • Konami launched a similar sport, time ace, for the Nintendo ds in 2007.
Time Pilot

Fury is a 1983 clone from laptop shack for the trs-eighty shade laptop.

Unrelated clones with the identical call had been launched in 1984: kingsoft’s space pilot for the commodore sixty four[9] and superior software program’s space pilot for the BBC micro.



 In case you grew up within the eighty’s you should not want commands!!


Click on the game to activate
use your arrow keys to transport
space bar to fireplace

Game History:

Time pilot is a 1982 arcade recreation with the aid of konami and distributed inside the us by using century. the player assumes the position of a pilot of a futuristic fighter jet, trying to rescue fellow pilots trapped in one-of-a-kind time eras. the player need to fight off hordes of enemy craft and defeat the mom deliver (or “boss”) present in each level. the background actions inside the opposite path to the participant’s aircraft, as opposed to the other way around; the participant’s aircraft constantly remains inside the center.

Time Pilot Description

Time pilot changed into produced by using century in 1982.

Century released 14 distinctive machines in our database under this exchange call, starting in 1977.

Different machines made by way of centuri in the course of the time period time pilot become produced consist of loco-movement, tunnel hunt, munch mobile, aztarac, challenger, Pleiades, route 16, forefront, and pit, the.

The participant’s single jet fighter located in the center of the display shoots down waves of WWI biplanes, WWII technology warring parties, 1970’s generation helicopters, 1980’s technology jets, and futuristic UFOs at the same time as seeking to rescue fellow pilots and keep away from bombs, missiles, and different enemy fireplace

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